Alpa Motorhomes

The most comfortable apartment on wheels

The story of success of the Alpa motorhomes for couples goes on! Most generous space conditions let you forget that you are not in a holiday apartment but in an outstanding motorhome with great atmosphere and comfort.


  • Huge Panoramic U-shaped lounge with a great space for enjoying meal times and relaxing
  • Great single beds comfort with easy Access
  • Large and spacious double floor can also be loaded from the tail side (garage door with one-Hand operation)
  • Premium broad gauge low platform (Fiat)
  • Winter-proof: Heated double floor with freeze-protected water installaiton
  • Warm water heating is Standard

The ALPA family gets a new family member! The unique vehicle concept for solo travelling couples is also now an A Class. 

The new Alpa with the I shines with a variety of refined novelties and proven ideas. Compared to the Coachbuilt models of the Alpa, with its lower vehicle height the Alpa i offers better aerodynamics with still good headroom. The generous panoramic window allows a fantastic all-round view. The full pull-down bed is without add-on elements, it‘s simply comfortable. Time for two or with company, you can enjoy in the Alpa i with the huge U-shaped lounge. And, thanks to Dethleffs Lifetime Plus standard warm water heating and heated double floor, the Alpa i defies cold temperatures. 

Experience the new ALPA with the I now – at your Dethleffs specialist.

Muuuch room feeling

The Grand Alpa shows at first sight that it has not looked for a pragmatic room solution but for a living environment. In the 360° U-shaped lounge you can calmly put up your feet and have a wonderful view to the outside through the panoramic windows. The chic wall combination with integrated showcase (not for A 6820-2) is located next to the panoramic window and offers many individual possibilites.

Interior Alpa
  • This clever pull-down bed concept impresses
  • The large single beds in the Overcab are easy-to-access by using the wide fold-away stairs. The beds of the Alpa A Class 7820-2 you will find on our website
  • Exclusive Gourmet Plus kitchen taken over from the Dethleffs Premium Class comes with large drawers and XXL fridge / freezer combination
  • Relaxing while watching TV, enjoying a glass of wine or inviting your friends for dinner? The huge Panoramic U-shaped lounge becomes a centre of cosy hours
    Welsh White | Skylight (option)
  • Also the shortest Alpa shines with a huge U-shape lounge and much elbow room
    A 6820-2 Virginia Oak | Welsh White | Goa
  • The stylish and modern wall combination with a beautiful showcase (not for A 6820-2). The innovative illumination system creates an atmosphere such as at home and lights up the walls and curtains
    Master Gloss Alaska White (option) | Amaro
  • Your spa with much daylight and great comfort
    A 7820-2 & A 9820-2

Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Viginia Oak | Welsh White

Viginia Oak | Master Gloss Alaska White (option)

Soft furnishing



Skylight (option)

Plus factors

Plus factors interior

Spacious, illuminated wardrobes with drawers (pic. Coachbuilt).

Feel like at home: modern vitrine (not for A 6820-2)

Much elbow room provided by the separate shower cubicle with Plexiglass doors.

Large 32“ TV (option)

Leather steering wheel and gear knob in dashboard with Chrome rings.

Dethleffs Naviceiver incl. navigation, DAB+ reception and display of the on-board panel (option)

3-flame gas cooker with powerful burners

Your spa with daylight and great comfort.

Plus factors exterior

Roomy: large rear garage for transportation of bulky holiday luggage

The window in Overcab N/S is standard, O/S is optionally available.

Frost-protection: high, heated double floor with a lot of storage space.

Well-insulating and safe: automotive frame windows.

Automotive roof skirt with integrated awning (option for A Class).

Garage door in the rear (option) for transportation of long items.

Long-lasting Lifetime Plus conversion technology

Robust: A 9820-2 based on Iveco chassis.