More Advantages

Standard advantages

(1) Connectable bathrooms*
Sanitary room and the shower cubicle on the opposite can be
connected to a large sanitary and dressing room with much

(2) Luxus on-board-control panel
With many displaying functions and good reading precision
(option for several models)

(3) Truma Control panel Combi CP plus
Digital control panel for the gas heating with large, illuminated
display and interesting functions such as timer operated heating control and a water boost function for very fast water heating.

(4) LED illumination
When desired the complete interior illumination system
can be equipped with the electricity-saving LED spots. Advantages:
Minimised heat generation, extremely long durability and
70 – 90 % saving of electricity with at least 20 % more light efficiency! Used are the Green Power branded LED spots with warmly white light colour.

* Depending on model and layout. Your Dethleffs dealer will assist you with more information!

Advantages come standard

Ultra-modern on-board electronics: Powerful charging device
with total discharge protection, battery with circuit breaker as well as connection for solar charging control unit.

(1) 95 AH AGM leisure batteries
Most modern and eco-friendly technology as from the Premium car section now available for Dethleffs motorhomes (example picture):
– High performance
– 3- until 5-fold high durability compared to usual starter batteries
– Shorter charging period
– Absolutely leak-proof

(2) User-friendly catch locks
for easy access to garage doors. Depending on model some of them are even available with one-hand operation.

(3) Large skylight 
for good air ventilation (option for TREND T & A)

(4) Cab dash
for A Class with an air channel for quick defrosting of
the windscreen – using the heat of the conversion heating

(5) Shapely, bright, low-current LED awning light

(6) Individual front
with integrated LED day-time-running lights (not for the TREND range)

(7) Bi-halogen integral headlights
with day-time-running lights for A Class models

(8) Prominent rear
with long-lasting LED rear lights.