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Safety all-round!

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Standard safety features: The life-saving ESP is standard in Dethleffs motorhomes!

With a Dethleffs motorhome you are always safe and protected allround!

Guarantee for a relaxing journey: ESP* as standard (electronic stabilizing system). Today ESP is an indispensable safety feature in the passenger car sector. Caravanning magazines such as promobil vehemently demand the use of ESP in motorhomes as standard. At Dethleffs this life-saving system is standard for the most of our models.

ESP (electronic stabilizing system) – controls the driving direction of the vehicle and the movements of the wheels. If required, especially in dangerous situations it will be activated, brakes the single wheels or slows down the speed of the vehicle by performance reduction. Consequently, it safely keeps the vehicle on track.

Other important driving assistance system: 

  • ASR (anti slip regulation) – prevents the wheels from spinning when starting on a slope
  • Hill Holder – assists the driver when starting on a slope
  • HBA (hydraulic brake assistance) – emergency brake assistance. The system recognizes an emergency stop and reinforces the pressure on the pedal, if necessary
  • Roll-over mitigation – reduces snaking movements and improves the stability in curves 
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3-point inertia safety belts: All registered seats in the direction of travel are equipped with a standard 3-point seat belt and stable headrest as is usual in the automotive industry.

Hill Descent Control – helps to maintain a desired speed on steep descents (up to max. 30 km/h), without constantly having to brake. The driver can focus completely on steering (activated with a button on the dashboard).

Standard issue for Dethleffs motorhomes: wide-track chassis (Fiat or AL-KO) which provides significantly more contact with the road surface. The track width of the Fiat chassis used by Dethleffs, for example, is 190 mm wider than the standard Ducato (does not apply to the narrow Globebus models).

Standard driver airbag
and the airbag for the front passenger is already included in the standard specs. Safety all-round!

* Standard for Ducato. Please check technical data for Iveco (Grand Alpa Plus A 9820-2).