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More cooking fun

The Gourmet kitchen centre

Design and function perfectly united!

The idea of the Gourmet kitchen centre was the result of the
customer development project and is a prime example
for practical functionality: The gas cooker with its three cooker
hobs and the sink are space-savingly inserted into the working surface. The variable cover provides you with additional worktop as you only can uncover the hob you really will use. The large drawer compartments can easily store your supplies and even large pans and pots.

Also the kitchen overhead lockers are developed for variable use: The height-adjustable shelves can easily be shifted. A real security advantage is the gas check valve with an easy access from the kitchen front.

The Gourmet kitchen centre is not installed in any motorhome models but its good solution ideas you will find everywhere.

All fridges come as standard with automatic energy switch over
(optimal energy selection between gas, 12 V or 230 V).

Cooking MoreValue

kueche gasabsperrventil

Safe: gas valves with best position for access

kueche grossetoepfe

Three burner hobs - also for big pans

kueche kochfelder abdecken

1, 2 or 3 - feel free to open just the needed hobs

kueche benutzungwasserh

Use the water tap even when the cover is closed