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Preparing for summer camping trips - Getting used to the vehicle
10 % discount - Dethleffs Allgäu Backpack
10 % discount - Dethleffs Allgäu Backpack
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The Company

As one of the most traditional manufacturer of leisure vehicles, Dethleffs has a long company history and many innovations to look back on. Take a look back in time with our Time travel. It all began in 1832.

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Dethleffs - a friend of the family

This slogan is lived out to the fullest and goes far beyond the product itself. Our motto is: the whole family is our main concern regardless its size. The customer relation ship does not stop when you buy a Dethleffs. This is just the beginning. 
And since the production of the very first caravan we have always focused on the business location Germany: due to quality reasons but also due to a sense of social responsibility. We have even managed to retreive a considerable amount of toll-manufacturing from abroad and thus have safeguarded jobs in the region. At the same time we export all over the world. By buying a Dethleffs vehicle you are supporting a global acting company, which is creating employment in Germany.

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