Allgemeine Tipps für Camping im Frühling mit Dethleffs

Spring cleaning

How to clean properly

As we all know, going on a camping holiday is not possible right now. It’s really important that we all pull together and stay at home to prevent the coronavirus from spreading unnecessarily. Protect yourself and your loved ones! We will get through these tough times together. And then we’ll be all fired up for the camping season to start – just as soon as it’s safe enough to do so.

Until then, there’s nothing stopping you from preparing for your next camping trip. Start with a spring clean to clear out your motorhome or caravan. After all, we want to be ready when the season finally does restart. But right now, please stay on your property or pick a secluded spot, with no other campers, to clean and spruce up your vehicle.

Cleaning is a must, especially if you used your vehicle to camp last winter. You need to get the salt off – not just off the paintwork, but off the underslung and the wheel wells. Caution: Stand at least half a meter back when cleaning the wheels, as a pressure washer jet can damage the tyres. It’s also really important not to forget the roof – and you can only get up there if you have a ladder to hand. Once dry, all the rubber seals must be wiped dry and treated with talcum powder or a rubber treatment stick, available from accessory suppliers, to keep them elasticated.

Motorhome owners should also test the quality of their windscreen wipers – and replace the blades if necessary. Next up is the interior. This is exactly the same as having a spring clean at home: Give the shelves a wipe, vacuum the floor, then clean the kitchen and bathroom. Use specialised upholstery cleaners for the upholstery and an artificial leather treatment for artificial leather. Be careful with strong cleaning products, as they can quickly destroy treated surfaces.