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How to clean your awning properly

Your lovely source of shade

The awning is easy to forget during vehicle maintenance, especially as it’s usually rolled up and stowed away in its box. A little bit of TLC before the start of the season will do it good. It’s most often simply rolled up before you head off home – with all the dust, dirt, and sometimes moisture – still stuck to it. Although this doesn’t cause the vinyl or acrylic awning material long-term damage, it doesn’t look very nice.

The whole thing is a lot easier to live with if cleaned with plenty of water and a dash of mild detergent. Under no circumstances should you try to brush out marks when dry, as this could damage the surface. It’s much better to thoroughly rinse off the rolled-out awning with a garden hose and to treat the marks with a solution of water and mild detergent. We recommend using standard sponge cloths and a dust cloth here.

Pressure washers at commercial car washes are too aggressive for cleaning the thin material. If, however, you have your own pressure washer at home and you can set the water pressure to low, this might be helpful here. But, as we said, the garden hose can do the job too. Once the awning is clean, take the time to dry it out properly before rolling it back up again.

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