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New additions to the new Trend T and I range

New Trend T/I 6617 EB layout for the CMT – Popular single bed layout under 7 m and 3.5 t gross vehicle weight – Large rear garage

Trend I 7057 DBM Peopleshooting MJ2019 Zangerl  196 von 344

For the CMT, the integrated and semi-integrated Trend models that have received a makeover for the 2019 model year will be joined by the Trend T and I 6617 EB. Dethleffs fans will already be familiar with this layout from the Globebus model range. It is a popular, compact layout with single beds, an overall length of 696 cm, a gross vehicle weight of under 3.5 tons, and a large rear garage, which can hold all sorts of bulky holiday equipment thanks to the generous payload reserves.

The layout’s generous feeling of space can be appreciated even more thanks to the Trend bodywork’s larger dimensions. Compared to the Trend T/I 6717 EB, which is also a vehicle with single beds in the popular motorhome range with the same dimensions, the new T/I 6617 EB features a larger bathroom including a shower cubicle, and there is a more open feeling of space as you enter the vehicle thanks to the uninterrupted view. The semi-integrated vehicle can be ordered with an additional (pull-down) single bed, as an option. The integrated model has a pull-down bed for two adults on board as standard.

New for the 2019 model year:

Trend I and Trend T with a new, fresh look inside – Less wood decor, more highlights – More layouts – Facelift of the exterior design for integrated models

The Trend has become a bestseller within Dethleffs’ range of motorhomes. This is hardly surprising, because the Trend is impressive where quality and the number of features are concerned, including the rot-proof Lifetime Smart construction, which cannot be taken for granted in this price class. The semi-integrated and integrated models in this popular range have been given a makeover for the new model year.

They have a fresher and more modern look. Inside, the warm Topaz Apple wood decor has been reduced in some areas and replaced with a new decor that has a natural grey colour. The new overhead lockers are particularly eye-catching – their wooden colour blends seamlessly into a light grey. The PVC floor is now resplendent in a light wood hue, adding to the fresher, modern look. Improved details and additional handy accessories, such as the MultiFlex rail system in the kitchen, add the perfect finishing touches to the interior. The exterior of the integrated models bears the new Dethleffs family resemblance, which has been borrowed from the Globebus, and which is also reflected in the new Pulse model range.

For motorhome enthusiasts who are passionate about extraordinary details, the Design Package for the T and I Trend models is a stylish option. The interiors of these vehicles have also been jazzed up by further reducing the amount of wood. To coordinate with the Virginia Oak wood finish, there is PVC in the living area in a bright shade of natural grey, and a bright, warm wood finish in the sleeping area. The overhead locker doors are light grey in colour with a high-gloss finish, featuring a brown decor and a chrome strip. This gives the interior an even more stylish look, making the Trend even trendier. A new interior design option is available for both the standard Trend model and the Design Package.

This means that there’s a choice of two fabric options for the Trend, but as many as three for Trend models equipped with the optional Design Package. New versions have also been added to the choice of layouts for the Trend I and T, while the partitioning in an existing layout has been refined.


In addition to the T/I 6617 EB layout being unveiled at the CMT, three further layouts will be added to the Trend range in 2019 for the new model year. The smallest of the bunch with a length of 660 cm is the T/I 6557 DBM with a queen-size bed and a large bathroom. On request, the T model can be ordered with an additional pull-down single bed above the seating area. The other two new layouts are both 740 cm long and feature a cosy lounge seating area with couch-style cushions. The shower and toilet room are located opposite one another and can be connected to make a large bathroom. The bedroom can also be closed off from the area at the front using the sliding door. The T/I 7057 DBL is the model with a queen-size bed, while the T/I 7057 EBL has single beds.

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