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Induction charging cradle for dashboards


Simply charge up your mobile phone while you drive – safely and without cables.

We've all been there: You're driving and suddenly your phone's battery is out of charge, so you fumble around with the cables to try and charge it up, and the phone slides off somewhere every time you turn a corner. The innovative Dethleffs charging station enables smartphones that are suitable for inductive charging in line with the Qi standard to be charged without cables. The elegantly designed CARICA charging station fits perfectly into the Ducato dashboard without colliding with the multimedia system. Simply place the smartphone onto the charging station and you're good to go!

■ Cable-free charging of iOs and Android smartphones by induction while you're driving

■ Simply place the smartphone onto the charging station, and the charging process starts immediately

■ The smartphone must meet the Qi standard

■ Controllable with the On/Off button to specifically prevent complete discharge, continuous charging or overcharging, and to extend the battery's life

■ Fits perfectly into all Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper dashboards

■ Prevents your smartphone from sliding around while you're driving

■ Lockable cover for protection against curious glances

■ Easy Plug & Play installation, vehicle-specific cable included

■ Available in 2 variants: Variant 1 (Item No. 3260640) with USB and jack / AUX port extension cable Variant 2 (Item No. 3260641) with USB and HDMI extension cable

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