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Best fixed bed coachbuilt over £60k

Dethleffs Globeline T 66 13 EB

Globeline T6613EB black DS LaRocca

In the 2020 What Motorhome awards, it's the Dethleffs Globeline T 66 13 EB motorhome that takes the honours in the Best Fixed Bed Coachbuilt over £60k class...

You don't have to spend £100k to get a top-quality motorhome based on the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. Nor do you have to drive a vast, coach-like A-class to get the revered three-pointed star on the grille of your new motorhome.

Dethleffs’ new-this-season Globeline is both just over £70k and just under 7m in length – as well as being available on a 3.5-tonne chassis to suit every driving licence holder. That puts it in direct competition with a whole rally field’s worth of Fiat Ducato-based rivals. And, as we all know, the ubiquitous Italian is getting rather long in the tooth…

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