The Pulse Classic – the classic variant with its finger on the pulse

Design variant of the Pulse – Classic interior design with new overhead lockers and wood decor – Extended standard specification – Debut at the Caravan Sa-lon – Four layouts: T 7051 DBM, DBL, EB and EBL

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For those who prefer a rather timeless, classic interior in their motorhome de-spite appreciating the many positive attributes of the Pulse, the new Pulse Clas-sic, which will be unveiled at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, is the perfect al-ternative. The more unconventional aspects of this variant can be found in the interior design – in particular in the furniture of the overhead lockers and their doors, which differ from those of the comparatively modern-looking Pulse.

The Pulse Classic will be available as a low profile model with four layouts – two queen-bed and two single-bed variants – as well as an extended standard speci-fication. The striking exterior design with the rounded retracted rear and aero-dynamic front of the T-models, the otherwise homogeneous furniture architec-ture, the extraordinary lighting concept and all the other components that make the Pulse so incomparable – all remain unchanged.

Original or classic – always up-to-date!

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For the 2019 model year Dethleffs has launched the Pulse series, a new era of mobile travel that shows the company has its finger firmly on the pulse of the times. In terms of both the interior and exterior, these low-profile and A-Class motorhomes are pioneers of a new Dethleffs design and form language. Above all, the Pulse radiates a very modern flair thanks to a reduced proportion of wood decor, a focus on solid, natural shades of grey and beige, as well as the new, downwardly retracted overhead locker architecture with innovative Multiflex doors.

In recent months, this feature in particular has won countless admirers who have fallen in love with Dethleffs’ new design language. However, fans of classic design will probably feel more at home in the Pulse Classic. Its light hazelnut brown furniture fronts in combination with its floor in a chic stone finish and matching upholstery embodies the timeless, somewhat more “dignified” version of this innovative vehicle, whose basic DNA provide numerous ad-vantages in both variants. These include the lightweight design, which guaran-tees a carefree payload even with a four-berth approval under 3.5 t, as well as the extraordinary comfort provided by the innovative IsoProtect comfort floor.

Series and options

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The Pulse Classic benefits from an extended standard specification that includes equipment from the Chassis and Family packages, such as a window in the habi-tation door, central locking, an automatic air-conditioning system, LED daytime running lights, a leather steering wheel and an opening window in the T-hood. The Light Moments lighting system is also integrated as standard. This makes up for the absence of the striking, illuminated canopy in the Pulse Classic and com-prises four lighting levels, each of which has a specific function that combines functionality, well-being, mood and atmosphere into a harmonious overall con-cept. Alloy wheels are also standard, as is the option to convert the single beds into a large, comfortable sleeping area in the T 7051 EB and T 7051 EBL.

There are also several optional equipment packages to choose from, which in-clude various driver assistance systems and essential equipment for winter camping. In addition, the low profile models can be equipped with an optional pull-down bed, flush fitting window, an alternative engine and automatic trans-mission.

The layouts

The four layouts, with which the low profile Pulse Classic is available, are popular queens-beds and single-beds variants with a length of just 740 cm, which feature a separate shower and bathroom that can be connected to form a luxuriously large bathroom area. The maximum permissible total mass of all models is less than 3.5 tons. Both bed options are offered with an arrangement with a belt in the direction of travel and side tool or as a comfortable lounge seating with op-posite benches.

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