Pulse Classic 90: classic anniversary model with many extras

Low profile Pulse Classic with extensive standard equipment - attractive priceperformance ratio - classic-modern interior design with anniversary upholstery - extended standard equipment - Four layouts: T 7051 DBM, DBL, EB and EBL

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For those who prefer a more timeless, classic interior in their motorhome, but appreciate the many positive attributes of the Pulse, the special edition Pulse Classic was available as an alternative in the past model year. This design variant differs in its interior design from the conventional, very modern looking Pulse. To mark the 90th anniversary of the invention of the first caravan in Germany, the Pulse Classic will be continued as the low profile special model series Pulse Classic 90 with four layouts - two queen bed and single bed variants, each with a different arrangement of the seating groups - and will receive even more features on top.

The striking exterior design with the rounded recessed rear and aerodynamic front of the T-models, the homogeneous furniture architecture, the extraordinary lighting concept and all other components that make the Pulse so incomparable will of course remain. Added to this – so to speak as a birthday present - is an extensive anniversary standard equipment

Everything standard for the anniversary


With the Pulse Classic 90 Dethleffs gives its customers a real price-performance gift. The anniversary series is available with a big standard equipment, which includes everything that is needed for a carefree, independent and extremely comfortable motorhome holiday. Its extensive anniversary package includes a window in the habitation door as well as central locking, automatic air conditioning in the cab, LED daytime running lights, leather steering wheel and knob, in strument panels with chrome rings and an opening window in the T-hood. The "Light Moments" lighting composition is also standard on board.

In the Pulse Classic 90 without the roof lining “Light Moments” is composed of four lighting levels. Each of these levels is assigned a specific task, fulfilling functionality, well-being as well as mood and atmosphere and harmoniously combining with each other as an overall concept. Flush fitting windows are also standard, as is the comfortable bed conversion from single beds to a large bed in the T 7051 EB and T 7051 EBL. The anniversary equipment also includes the striking and incomparable exterior design of the Pulse Gran Turismo with the black cab, the red skid plate, a matching conversion design, a step sill and a silver radiator grille.

As optional extras, various driver assistance systems or components for winter camping can be selected. In addition, the low profile models can be equipped with an optional electric pull-down bed, an alternative engine and automatic transmission. For those who, for reasons of price or weight, do not want to do a pull-down bed but need an additional sleeping berth, the DBL and EBL models can be fitted with the new optional extra "Conversion seating group transverse", which turns the lounge into a comfortable visitor bed.

Pulse vs. Pulse Classic 90: Original or classic always on the pulse of time!

PulCl90 T7051DBL Kueche Sicht hinten Cosmopolitan NoceNagano

Lovers of classic designs will feel particularly comfortable in the Pulse Classic 90. The light nut brown of the furniture fronts combined with the floor in a chic stone look and its own matching Cosmopolitan upholstery embodies the more timeless, somewhat dignified version of this innovative vehicle compared with the conventional Pulse, whose basic genes score points in both variations. Among these plus points are the lightweight construction, which guarantees a carefree payload even with a four-passenger registration under 3.5 t, as well as the extraordinary comfort provided by the new IsoProtect comfort floor, which conjures up an even vehicle floor without a trip hazard.

The layouts

The four layouts in which the low profile Pulse Classic 90 is offered are popular queen bed and twin bed versions on just under 740 cm in length with separate shower and bathroom that can be combined to form a comfortable spacious bathroom. The gross vehicle weight of all models is less than 3.5 tons. Both bed variants are offered with different seating group layouts. On the one hand, the classic arrangement with a belt bench in the direction of travel and stool on the side or as a cosy lounge seating group with benches opposite.

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