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Dethleffs named “Fairest Company” in the industry for the fourth time in a row

The German Fairness Prize returns to Isny in 2020 – of all motorhome manu-facturers, the traditional company Dethleffs has come out on top once again in the initiative run by the news channel ntv and the German Institute for Service Quality

2020 10 28 Deutscher Fairness-Preis Grosse Freude im Hause Dethleffs

Once again this year, the German Institute for Service Quality and the news channel ntv awarded the German Fairness Prize 2020 to companies in various categories. For the fourth time in a row, the motorhome and caravan manu-facturer Dethleffs has emerged as the overall winner in the motorhome manu-facturers category. “We are overwhelmed by this success”, says Robert Bielesch, Head of Dethleffs Corporate Communications. “This year was certain-ly a great challenge, and not only for us. But we have done everything possible to be accessible to our customers, transparent and to remain a reliable part-ner. To this end, we have pushed even further ahead with our digitisation plans in order to provide customers and interested parties with assistance, information and advice in a variety of ways and to maintain a presence for them,” says Bielesch, looking back on recent months. “The fact that we have once again been crowned the overall winner and can call ourselves the fairest company in our industry makes us proud and gives us certainty that our ser-vice department is on the right path.”

The company responded in the very early days of the pandemic and reorgan-ised its services to ensure that consultations could still take place despite the restrictions. The dealerships also adapted very quickly to the new situation and, by implementing hygiene measures, ensured that customers could still receive individual advice on site in a safe and relaxed environment.

Until further notice, Dethleffs will not participate in any trade fairs or major events. However, Dethleffs is again offering a substitute here, as Robert Bielesch explains: “To enable our customers to get to know our new products without having to leave the house, we have created our first ever digital show for new vehicles. You can move around the event, just like at a normal trade fair – only using a tablet, notebook or PC instead of your feet – and can ex-plore our new products from the inside and outside in total peace and quiet. Furthermore, additional information is provided for each vehicle – just as you would find at a normal trade fair or exhibition.” The company has also set itself firm goals for its jubilee year – in 2021 Dethleffs will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the invention of the caravan by company pioneer Arist Dethleffs. With anniversary vehicles and edition models as well as a further expansion of its service spectrum, the motorhome and caravan manufacturer will once again not rest on its laurels in the coming year.

The German Fairness Prize

The Fairness Prize is based on an extensive survey of German consumers. Over 55,000 customer ratings of around 792 companies were collected by the Ger-man Institute for Service Quality (DISQ). Consumers were asked to assess how fairly these companies treat their customers. Does the company offer fair prices that ensure value for money? Does it provide information about prod-uct features, contractual services and pricing? And is the company reliable – both in terms of the reliability of its products and services, as well as its re-sponse to problems and complaints? In a total of 57 categories, awards were given to the two or three “fairest” companies in the view of consumers. As in the last three years, Dethleffs once again secured first place as the overall winner among the ten companies in the “Motorhome manufacturers” category.