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Anniversary: Even more luxury guaranteed with the XLI Edition 90

Globetrotter XLI as an edition series with luxurious standard equipment - Limited to 90 models - 2 layouts - Leather upholstery - Independent exterior design - Anniversary price advantage

XLI 7850EB DS AlmeriaEicheGloss Bozen Abend

In the new model year, the Dethleffs Globetrotter XLI presents itself as the edition model XLI Edition 90 with an extensive standard equipment, which leaves nothing to be desired. The special series for the 90th anniversary of the invention of the "living car" by Arist Dethleffs, who started the era of caravanning in 1931, is limited to 90 pieces. Each vehicle carries a seal next to the entrance door, which tells you which model of the series it is. This alone shows the exclusivity of the special series, which opens the door to the mobile luxury class. The Globetrotter XLI Edition 90 is available in two layouts with an edition exterior design and leather upholstery, as well as a long list of equipment components that make the fully integrated model a luxury home for a 5-star camping holiday. The genes of the luxury class vehicle also contribute to this, ensuring the highest level of comfort.

These clearly include all-year-round usability thanks to the loadable, high raised floor, the Lifetime Plus technology, the lightweight furniture in modern, elegant yacht design, a GourmetPlus kitchen, the high-quality equipped bathroom and the cosy seating area with standard panoramic windows.

Luxury in series

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The contents of the editions equipment are impressive and make the Globetrotter XLI Edition a special luxury vehicle. The standard equipment of the models, which are limited to 90 pieces, includes a cab door and a 160 HP engine with super-soft 9-speed automatic transmission.

The AL-KO low-frame chassis and the comfortable SKA air-swing seats ensure a special kind of driving pleasure. Here the holiday begins with the journey already. A Dethleffs Naviceiver and the rear view camera make the journey easier and support safe travelling. Components like two additional roof hoods in the living and sleeping area, a roof A/C, rear corner steadies, an outside shower in the rear garage, the ceramic toilet, carpets in the whole vehicle, additional onboard batteries and a 1.600 Watt inverter, an electric front windscreen roller shutter as well as a central locking system for all doors and the garage contribute to the comfort at the holiday destination.

Thanks to the double floor and the large rear garage there is also plenty of room for bulky luggage. The indirect ambient lighting bathes the noble interior in a pleasant light in the evening hours and spreads a cosy atmosphere. These are just some of the components that make up the limited edition model.

Edition design

But the XLI edition models not only have a great luxurious standard equipment, but also shine with a special design. The outer skin of the anniversary series is smooth white sheet metal with a special edition sticker and black 16-inch aluminium rims. The noble interior of the luxury class vehicles is further enhanced by a real leather upholstery in cream white, perfectly rounding off the luxurious interior design of the integrated models.

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