Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf – LAUNCH of EVAN

2012 during CMT in Stuttgart he was firstly presented to the public: the EVAN.

Back then the study defining a flexible, compact A Class motorhome and combining many different motorhome concepts caused a sensation. After the show Dethleffs have been overwhelmed with the many questions about this All-Rounder. The big interest was the reason why Dethleffs have decided to make this innovative vehicle concept a part of their model program. This year during the Caravan Salon Dethleffs will launch their van among the motorhomes as a serial model for the first time. “The EVAN represents a new vehicle class which will occupy a new market segment”, said Dr. Dominik Suter, the Managing Director of Dethleffs. “This vehicle combines the freedom while travelling and the daily mobility.” With the EVAN the Dethleffs designer, Michael Studer, has brought to live that special vision which has been going around in his head a long time. “Compact, Flexible and perfect for Daily use” – that is his description of his creation. And exactly these components are to find in the serial vehicle which is available with three equipment lines and two layouts.

The EVAN not only scores as a trendy travel companion standing for a lifestyle of the new travel generation but also with his capability to be a day-today van – without compromises. “We have focused on the gens of the prototype which was that special fascination of the EVAN from the start”, said Florian Hofer, the responsible Product Manager.

At first sight his exterior looks like a big van. That is the impression of the unusually short overhangs and the very sporty and automobile shape. Only 565cm long and 215cm wide – already promise the perfect suitability for daily use. And that is supported by the both wide living doors on the side and in the rear. These doors are perfect for a very comfortable entrance and also the transportation of bulky luggage is easy. The interior with its special shape allows the loading throughout the vehicle. The sleeping berth is provided by the spacious pull-down bed (190 x 150cm) and disappears compactly beneath the cab roof during the day. Two additional sleeping berths are provided by the large elevating roof (205 x 142cm) with bed (option). Consequently the four sleeping berths are easy to use without complicated seating lounge to bed converts and take up no living room. That was one of the reasons making it possible to get this exterior length of the EVAN.

When you decide in favour of a long holiday period, you will enjoy cooking in the fully-equipped kitchen. The variable bathroom with comfortable shower will ease your motorhomer’s life. Up to 6 passengers can go on holidays together. All in all the EVAN is the perfect companion for all those of you who want to be flexible and look for a vehicle representing a car and a motorhome in one. The Product Manager, Florian Hofer brings it to the point: “The EVAN is neither a bus nor a motorhome – that’s just the EVAN: The best from the world of life.”

Get ready to be excited!