All on board!

More motorhome for your money. Whether it’s the large 142 l fridge, extra-wide entrance door or especially high rear garages for demanding transportation tasks – the Trend is the perfect start into the Dethleffs world of mobile travelling. At the same time the Trend Coachbuilt is an absolute light-weight: despite only being 3.5 t total weight, it can accommodate up to six persons (A 5887 & A 6977)!

For extra of space and payload there is the model Trend A 7877-2. With its proud total weight of 5 tones if offers a lot of space to families – and all that at a very beneficial price. In addition, its raised floor makes it a true winter specialist that is also perfect for year-round trips.

Markus Altenried 3
Markus Altenried • head of production line

We enjoy sporty driving – my son regularly rides in motocross races. With the coachbuilt Trend, the driving fun starts on the way to the race. And it offers the whole family enough space to stretch out after a hectic race day.



  • Perfect price / performance ratio
  • Large (210 x 165 cm) bed in overcab
  • 142 l fridge with large freezer compartment
  • 70 cm wide entrance door and Electric entrance step
  • Large garage for transportation of e-bikes (dep. on layout)
  • High payload capacity and if desired with 6 passengers' registration
  • A 7877-2: fully winterised thanks to the raised floor and an abundance of space
  • Stepless living room floor

The Trend Coachbuilt is the ideal holiday companion for all those who have lots of luggage to take away. Whether its family items or sport equipment – everything can go on board. All bulky items can be stored in the large rear garages. The lower bunk bed in the A 5887 can be folded away to create a storage space from the floor to ceiling.

And – every family member can go on tour! Because even with 3.85 t of total weight this vehicle can still have 6 passengers (A 5887 and A 6977).

Sleeping, Cooking, Bathroom
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    For the really big family holidays: Huge living room with generous seating lounge and spacious kitchen
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Ample work surface in the kitchen. After cooking you can enjoy the tasty meal together in the large seating lounge
    La Rocca
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Large cave for restful hours: Rear bed with 210 cm of length
    A 6977 and A 7877-2
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    The huge Overcab bed (210 x 165 cm) is loved by children and adults alike
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Much cooking fun for the whole family in the L-shaped kitchen with lots of work surface and ample space and storage
    A 7877-2 | Torcello
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    The 3-burner stove also allows you to produce gourmet meals at ease
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Huge bathroom for the whole family with separate shower
    A 7877-2
  • Dethleffs Bildergalerie
    Vario bathroom with rotating wall: separate shower cabine or toilet room
    A 5887 & A 6977
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Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Trend Dachschrankklappe VirginiaEiche web

Virginia Oak

Soft furnishing

ww Polster Torcello web


ww Polster Gresso web



La Rocca

Plus factors

Plus factors interior
Trend A 5887 DS VirginiaEiche Gresso

The classic dinette can also be used without swivelling the driver‘s and passenger‘s seats

Trend A 6977 Alkovenbett VirginiaEiche Sporty

The Overcab bed is loved by children and adults alike (Trend A 7877-2)


Childproof: Isofix bracket for child seats (option)

mw Trend indirekteBeleuchtung

The standard indirect lighting creates a wonderful and cosy ambience during the evenings

mw Softclose

Quitely closing overhead locker doors

Trend I 7057 Steckdose TopazApfel Torcello

Many 230 V sockets in living area and rear garage


Dethleffs Naviceiver (option) incl. navigation system and DAB+ radio reception

Trend Fahrerhausjalousien

Cab blinds protect from heat, cold and prying eyes

mw 9GangAutomatik

Dethleffs Fiat chassis 9 gear automatic transmission optionally available

Plus factors exterior
Trend A6977 Alkovenfenster web

Opening window in overcab provides light and air circulation

Trend LEDTagfahrlicht

Stylish safety feature: LED daytime running lights.

Trend Heckleuchtentraeger

Prominent rear moulding

mw trend GFK

Well protected against hail: durable GRP roof

Trend A Tuere

70 cm wide entrance door with window and central locking.

Trend T 7057EB Heckgarage Licht Steckdose web

Clever: Lighting and 230 V socket in rear garage

mw esp

Stay safe with the standard ESP and other important driving assistance systems

Trend A7877 2 Heckgarage web

There is a lot of storage space for your holiday implements and not only in the rear garage (A...

Trend A78772 Doppelboden web

A 7877-2: High double floor with load-through possibility