Unlimited luxury

The Globetrotter XXL epitomises the special feature of the Premium class with its confident appearance, the exceptional size and unique shape.

The interior is also created to the highest demands: Absolute winterisation with the double floor and high-quality XPS insulation as well as luxurious standard equipment.

The Globetrotter XXL A Plus factors

  • Modern 3.0 l Euro 6 engine (132 kW / 180 BHP)
  • IVECO chassis with rear wheel drive, twin tyres, different driving assistance systems, uprated cockpit and heated cab seats
  • Heated double floor with 360 mm height for frost-protected installation of pipes and water tanks. The radiant heat is also used as the under-floor heating (s. page 8 / 9).
  • Warm water heating with heat exchanger for engine pre-heating
  • Long-lasting Lifetime Plus technology (s. page 6) with 45 mm thick wall and Roof construction.
  • Autarky master with large 150 Ah battery and 230 l water tank
  • Almeria Ash White | Platinum: U-shaped lounge for convivial evenings: The passage way to the cab can be closed off with additional wrap seating.
  • The cab can be separated from the living room by a wooden sliding door.
  • The long single beds are connected at the end of the head section – ideal for those who sleep on their front. Additionally, you can create a huge bed.
  • In the high wardrobes N/S and O/S your clothes are perfectly arranged.
  • Almeria Ash Gloss | Meran: The inviting lounge and the lateral bench can be easily converted to a large U-shaped lounge (option). Ideal for putting up your feet or for enjoying convivial evenings.
  • The kitchen boasts a range of practical and stylish solutions, such as the rail system.
  • Massive gas stove with powerful burners and glass covered steel surface.
  • Big motorhome, big cooking fun! So much space and elbow room is offered by the Dethleffs Premium class – and all that in befitting exclusive design.
  • Useful storage possibilities in cupboards over the wash bowl.
  • Spacious shower cubicle with Plexiglass doors, rain shower and ambient lighting.
  • XXL A 9050-2: Large bathroom with unbeatable space and storage.
  • A 9000-2: The single beds can easily be converted to a large double bed.
  • When another sleeping berth is needed the lounge can be quickly converted to a bed for two persons.
  • A 9050-2 | Almeria Ash Gloss: Cosy double bed for restful nights and relaxation for two.

Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Almeria Ash White

Almeria Ash Gloss (option)

Soft furnishing

Bozen (standard)

Platinum (standard)

Real leather Meran (option)

The leather cushions can be individualised to suit your personal taste.

Plus factors

Plus factors interior

Robust living door with large window

Table length extension

Large working surface and dedicated place for the coffee machine.

Fully-equipped cab

Multimedia: Dethleffs Naviceiver incl. DAB+

Room partition wall

Sound system (option)

Theft-proof safe

Powerful roof air conditioning (option)

Plus factors exterior

Practical gas bottle pullout

Store your items in double floor

GRP covered underfloor

Large overcab with 200 x 155 cm bed area

Repair-friendly rear with long-lasting LED rear lights with Dynamic indicator

Huge rear garage with third garage door (option)

Robust Iveco Daily chassis with twin tyres and up to 7.2 t (max. authorised weight)

8-gear automatic gearbox HI-MATIC (option)