4-travel low profile motorhome with the lengthwise pull-down bed

Innovation meets design

Sometimes it’s the little things that produce big results. We don’t need to reinvent the pull-down bed in our low-profiles – we just rethink it.

In the Dethleffs 4-travel, the pull-down bed is positioned lengthwise and not across the way. This has practical implications: it can now be pulled down far enough so that you can get into bed as easily as in a fixed double bed. And the sleeping area of 200 x 140 cm is significantly bigger than any classical pull-down bed!

There is even enough headroom when the pull-down bed is in its intermediate position. The convertible seating area can be used as additional sleeping space. Ideal for holidays with your family or friends.

A modern design, many innovative ideas and attention to practical details round off the progressive appearance of the 4-travel.

4-travel Plus factors

  • Innovative, electrically adjustable lengthwise pull-down bed with comfortable access
  • The rot-proof Lifetime Plus body construction
  • Sportive exterior design with dynamic T-hood, new rear spoiler and modern LED integral rearlights
  • Central service unit for fresh water filling, boiler emptying and heating
  • Extra-wide entrance door (70 cm) with insulated Coupé entrance and flyscreen door
  • High rear garages accessible from both sides


  • The pull-down bed can also be locked in an intermediate position. If the seats are used as additional sleeping place, the 4-travel sleeps four.
  • In its lowest position the pull-down bed goes right down to the level of the seats, so getting into bed is easy. And the ergonomic 7-zone EvoPoreHRC mattress guarantees maximum sleeping comfort.
  • The spacious L-shaped seating arrangement is inviting and modern. Up to five people can be seated at the versatile table. The 4-travel also provides enough headroom under the pull-down bed
  • The generous single beds warrant an enjoyable sleep. Under the beds there is an easy-to-access wardrobe and many other handy storage ideas.
  • Although the T 6966-4 is only 699 cm long, it includes a large bathroom in the rear, a spacious L-shaped kitchen with a 145 litre fridge and an inviting seating area.
  • A special highlight is the glossy room divider facing the seating area with a bistro shelf, bookshelves and an attractive light installation (T 6966-4)
  • The en-suite bathroom in the rear of the vehicle offers a lot of freedom of movement. In addition to a plastic-panelled shower cubicle, it offers a fully-fledged wardrobe.

Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Noce Palermo

Soft furnishing



Dethleffs More value

Standard specification interior

The indirect lighting provides atmospheric ambience

The elegant gooseneck reading lamp brings the light exactly where you need it

Spacious apothecary pull-out drawer under the sink for your cooking utensils

T 7116-4 comes with an easy-to-access wardrobe under the single bed

Practical bottle holder and shelves in cab

Comfortable Pilote seats with height/ inclination adjustment and upholstered arm rests

Standard specification exterior

Well protected against hail: durable GRP roof

Safe on the road with standard ESP and important driving assistance systems.

Service access for filling and cleaning the fresh water tank, the 230 volt socket

70 cm wide entrance door with flyscreen! If desired available with window and central locking

The drop chassis makes it possible to have a high rear garage with through-loading capacity

Prominent and safe: Integral rear lights with LED strip

The high exterior compartment with drip tray is handy for transporting tall objects.